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  • Circular Economy
    Circular Economy
    Nearly the entire gross weight of our products is produced using steel scrap originating from a variety of sources, ranging from manufacturing waste to obsolescent inventory. The know-how gained through more than 30 years’ experience and the application of melting and atomization processes and additions and adjustments to metal alloys, separation by particle size, and two subsequent heat treatment processes allow Garuva to provide steel shot that adheres to the most demanding global standards and specifications. We are also increasingly taking action to use the waste generated by our own production process, such as steel shot dust and slag, further reducing the environmental impact of our activities.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Energy Efficiency
    Garuva consistently seeks to optimize the consumption of electricity through the use of high-tech induction furnaces and procedures and tools that seek to increase efficiency. Energy consumption is one of the most relevant factors taken into consideration when purchasing machinery and equipment at Garuva. Priority is also given to renewable energy under power supply contracts, which helps address environmental concerns throughout the production chain.
  • Development Initiatives
    Development Initiatives
    Garuva Abrasivos actively invests in several social development initiatives, particularly in the area of education and culture. We place a priority in initiatives that are implemented near our operational sites, seeking to encourage development throughout the community. We maintain sponsorships with institutions that are well-recognized on the regional and national level and organize events focusing on a wide range of development-related issues.