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People Management
  • Health, Safety and Well-being
    Health, Safety and Well-being
    We provide ongoing training within the scope of best market practices, adhering to regulatory standards and disseminating a culture of ZERO ACCIDENTS and attention to health and well-being beyond the limits of the company, not only among members of the company, but society as a whole.
  • Knowledge
    We provide educational opportunities and internal and external training to ensure consistent employee development. We also place a priority in internal recruitment during selection processes for leadership positions as a means of encouraging meritocracy and consistent self-development within the company.
  • A family-based culture
    A family-based culture
    Garuva frequently holds social events at our “Espaço Paulo Gustavo Mühlmann” gathering space, fostering healthy relationships between employees and their families and the company. We are proud to rely on generations of employees from the same family.
  • Recognition
    Garuva has adopted an employee profit-sharing program as a means of encouraging consistent operational performance and a focus on health and safety, as well as in fostering a sense of commitment.